Growing burden of malocclusion likely to increase demand for orthodontics supplies

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Growing burden of malocclusion likely to increase demand for orthodontics supplies

(Illustration: Provided by Medi-Tech Insights)
Medi-Tech Insights

Medi-Tech Insights

Thu. 10 August 2023


According to a new report by Medi-Tech Insights, the global orthodontic supplies market is expected to grow at a rate of 7 to 9 percent by 2027. The increasing prevalence of oral diseases, growing incidence of malocclusions cases such as tooth decay/ tooth loss and jaw pain, technological advancements in orthodontic products, and increasing awareness regarding orthodontic treatment procedures are some of the key factors driving the global orthodontic supplies market.

Malocclusion is one of the most prevailing clinical dental conditions, affecting approximately 60 to 75 percent of the global population. Annually, approximately 21 million people globally elect treatment by orthodontists.

Most orthodontic patients continue to have their malocclusions treated with the use of traditional methods, such as metal arch wires and brackets, augmented with elastics, metal expanders, headgear or functional appliances, and other ancillary devices.

Clear aligners are also used in orthodontist treatments to fix malocclusion and jaw-related problems. The growing burden of malocclusion among the population is likely to increase the demand for orthodontics supplies in the worldwide market.

Ample growth opportunities 

Technological advancements and developments in orthodontics are helping patients with their treatments and orthodontists for providing the best quality treatments, and profitability. Recent developments in orthodontics are orthodontic aligners, smaller more comfortable braces, 3-D imaging and digital scans, 3-D printing resins, nickel and copper-titanium wires, and robotic wire bending and CAD/CAM technology.

The high costs associated with all the dental procedures and major complications associated with orthodontic treatments are some of the prime factors restricting the growth of the orthodontic supplies market.

From a geographical perspective, North America holds a larger market share of the orthodontic supplies market. This can be mainly attributed to the growing awareness on dental care and hygiene, higher adoption of technologically advanced products across all age groups and the presence of leading market players in this region. However, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness a strong growth in orthodontic supplies market in the upcoming years because of the esthetic appeal offered by the products, increasing awareness regarding orthodontic products and the rising prevalence of orthodontic diseases in this region.

In general, the global orthodontic supplies market is a growing market that is expected to gain further momentum in the upcoming years due to technological advancements, new product launches, a shift towards preventive oral care, and aggressive organic and inorganic growth strategies followed by the market players.

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