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Google launches new online medical records service

(DTI/Photo Annemarie Fischer)
Daniel Zimmermann, DTI

Daniel Zimmermann, DTI

Sun. 4 May 2008


LEIPZIG, Germany: Google has launched a new health service in the United States, joining other companies that also offer ways to manage personal medical records online.  

Google Health will allow users to create an electronic health profile of themselves including their medical records and share it with health care providers or use online tools to track their health or find a specialist, the company said in a press release. In addition, prescription information can be imported, shared with doctors and dispensed electronically.

Although there are a number of issues concerning the security of online health record projects, Google said that security has been tightened on servers where such data is stored, in order to protect the users’ confidential information. Many other companies—such IBM, Oracle Corp and Siemens—are working on similar digitization. Google’s biggest rival, Microsoft, has recently introduced HealthVault, a hub to collect, store and share personal medical information on the Internet. Other current competitors include Revolution Health and WebMD.

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