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Dental Tribune Study Club launch a great success!

By Julia Wehkamp, DTI
April 06, 2009

On 14 March, the Dental Tribune Study Club was officially launched through a full-day online C.E. festival, featuring five Webinars in succession. 290 participants joined in the festivities, representing 57 different nations, proving the Study Club truly is a global concept.

Each Webinar included a one-hour presentation, followed by a 20-minute live Q&A session between the online audience and the speaker. Participants not only had the opportunity to interact directly with the opinion leader, but they also received C.E. credits for their participation.

Dr George Freedman started off the day with a lecture on New Techniques in Clinical Dentistry. He explained that bonding has been simplified by fifth- and seventh-generation adhesive materials and the latest composites have made esthetic procedures very predictable. Practitioners can etch, bond and desensitize in a single step. Participants learned about developments in matrices and wedges, which provide them with a predictable contact every time.

Next, Dr McEowen introduced The Advantages of Small FoV High Resolution CBCT Imaging. Participants learned how to take a 360-degree rotation with either 512 or 1024 projections and how to produce ready-to-go 3–D, saggital and coronal images within 30 seconds after the scan axial using PreXion 3D.

Halfway through the program, participants had the pleasure of experiencing Dr David Clark, who lectured on World Class Obturation for General Dentists. Attendees were taught the risks and benefits of lateral condensation technique versus vertical compaction of heated gutta-percha / resin-based obturation. Dr Clark provided step-by-step instruction on the clinical steps required for plasticized gutta-percha technique utilizing pack down and back-fill techniques with modern equipment including microscopes, ultrasonics and the new Obtura III Max unit.

Next, Dr Garry Bey lectured on Tips, Tricks and Solutions for Endodontic Success. Attendees learned how to reduce separation anxiety; to virtually eliminate the risk of sodium hypochlorite accidents; to achieve a lasting seal with carrier-free obturation and warm vertical compaction; and to practice-build, by keeping the cases they would normally refer out, and develop the confidence to do them well.

Finally, Dr. Clark Stanford wrapped up the day with his lecture on Implant Overdentures — a solution for the economically challenged patient. Freestanding overdenture attachments were emphasized. Nonetheless, there was discussion and demonstration on the use of implant supported bar-overdentures, including implant retained and implant supported overdentures in the maxilla as well as use of implants for retention of removable partial dentures.

These five webinars were made available through educational grants provided by VOCO, PreXion, Obtura, Discus Dental and Astra Tech.

Each of these individual webinars have been recorded, and the archives can be accessed under, Online Courses.

Registering for the online study club is easy and free, providing an unparalleled opportunity for practitioners to ‘meet with’ colleagues in order to learn in a friendly, non-threatening environment that is as close as the nearest computer. offers dentists an exciting mix of possibilities, including the folowing:

• C.E. lectures that are live and interactive, as well as archived ones, bringing local events to national audiences.

• Focused discussion forums that allow practitioners to stay up to date.

• Product reviews with recordings of opinion leaders’ first impressions.

• A growing database of case studies and articles featuring topics that are important to today’s practitioners.

• Networking possibilities that go beyond borders to create a Global Dental Village.

• Contests with chances to win free tuition for ADA / CERP C.E. accredited Webinars.

• And much more!

Please visit to check out the upcoming program of live webinars. For further information, contact Julia at +1 416 907-9836,


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