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Dental isolation technology by Isolite Systems garners more industry recognition

By Dental Tribune America
November 10, 2011

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA: Isolite Systems, maker of innovative dental isolation technology, has announced that its products have received new industry recognition. Isolite dental isolation technology converges light, suction and retraction into one powerful tool that speeds procedures and improves the dental experience. It provides dental professionals unprecedented control over the oral environment — isolating an entire quadrant in just seconds.

Isolite comfortably retracts the patient’s tongue and cheek, protects the airway, and keeps the mouth gently propped open — all while providing intra-oral illumination and continuous suctioning.

Working with Isolite Systems technology, dental procedures are completed on average 30 percent faster. Compared to other dental isolation methods, such as the rubber dam or manual suction and retraction, Isolite is faster and easier for dental professional and on the patient, providing an added measure of safety and comfort for all involved.

The Isolite system features five levels of intra-oral illumination.

Dentistry Today magazine recognized the Isolite dental isolation system as one of its Top 100 Products for 2011. Isolite dental isolation technology was also featured in the November 2011 issue of Dentistry Today magazine as one of its Top 50 Technology Products for the year.

Isolite also received six consecutive Dentaltown magazine Townie Choice Awards. The Isodry system, which performs the same functions as Isolite but without intra-oral illumination, received the Dental Excellence Award — Best New Instrument for 2011.

Both dental isolation systems utilize the patented Isolite mouthpiece. The unique shape and softness of the mouthpiece is key to the systems’ advanced dental isolation. The latex-free mouthpiece comfortably allows fluids to be evacuated from deep within the oral cavity. Built-in tongue, cheek, and throat shield protect the patient from injury and provide an added measure of assurance that the airway is better protected from possible dental debris. Continuous suction means the patient never feels like they are drowning. Single-use Isolite mouthpieces are available in five sizes to fit the spectrum of patients from small child to large adult.

Isolite Systems was founded in 2001 by Thomas R. Hirsch, DDS, his brother, James Hirsch, industrial designer, and Sandra Hirsch, CPA, to bring to market the Isolite dryfield illuminator and other products. The company is committed to transcending the limitations of existing dental technology with innovative, ergonomically efficient products that help dental professionals work more productively with less stress and fatigue. Dentists, dental assistants and hygienists at dental practices and clinics throughout North America are making their practices more productive using Isolite Systems products while improving patient comfort and safety.

Both Isolite and Isodry dental isolation systems will be exhibited at booth No. 315 at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, Nov. 27 - 30 at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

(Source: Isolite)

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