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CAD/CAM provider focuses on customer

By Dental Tribune America
June 18, 2012

Labs are seeking long-lasting solutions, and these require long-lasting commitment from the CAD/CAM system provider. 3Shape recently proclaimed its commitment to support, learning channels, customer care, and delivering future-proof solutions. 3Shape defines these as inseparable components of its products.

3Shape believes that a dynamic system is a natural trait of any CAD/CAM solution and therefore includes extensive system upgrading and support as an integral part of its product package and customer promise.

Every year, 3Shape releases a major system upgrade representing the accumulation of extensive development projects.

3Shape customers automatically receive all these system upgrades and a wide range of powerful new features at no extra cost as an integral part of their Annual Support and Upgrade License.

Additionally, customers continually receive minor upgrades and improvements as soon as they are developed. Upgrades cover both design software and scanner software so even seasoned scanners can be empowered with new features.

In this way, the lab’s system is backed by continuous innovation to ensure that its services are always up-to-date with market demands and its business remains competitive. A lab’s system stays alive and automatically grows stronger rather than growing old. Lab technicians can focus on what they do best rather than worrying about the current standard of their technology.

3Shape recognizes the importance of maintaining a local support capacity to cope efficiently with factors such as customary opening hours, communicating in local language (and in tune with local business etiquette), enabling on-site support, and more.To attain these goals, 3Shape invests substantially to develop its extensive and optimally qualified first-line support network of experts through the company’s local distributors.

Backing up this first-line support network, 3Shape’s own Support Teams stand ready to assist distribution partners with any special hardware or software support issues. 3Shape’s Support-Centers are placed strategically in the USA, Asia, and at several locations in Europe.

3Shape has recently expanded and revised its service centers worldwide and added to its local language support capabilities, which now include English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese.

The 3Shape Academy

The 3Shape Academy provides both 3Shape end-users and partners/supporters worldwide with ongoing and hands-on know-how in the use of 3Shape’s systems, particularly covering the latest features that come with every new release. Trainees get the chance to experience complete digital workflows with 3D scanning, CAD design, and final restoration manufacturing on milling machines.

(Source: 3Shape)


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