AI-powered solutions for braces and aligners of all brands

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AI-powered solutions for braces and aligners of all brands

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Tue. 27 July 2021


The company that helped pioneer the field of virtual orthodontics and has been a market leader since 2014 is working to revolutionize the industry once again with an AI-based virtual monitoring solution applicable to both aligner and braces treatments of all types and brands.

In an industry where a vast majority of practices are mixed users, a solution from DentalMonitoring now allows orthodontic professionals — whether in private practices or DSOs — to take full control of not only their aligner but also all their braces cases. As a result, DentalMonitoring expands its addressable market by close to 75 percent, helping more practices scale up their business, become more efficient and deliver an outstanding patient experience.

“Our solution has made yet another major breakthrough, and we are proud to unveil a new suite of functionalities of our platform,” said Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring. “Dental professionals can now monitor all their aligner and braces cases independent of brand with the same highly scalable AI-driven workflow. In addition to monitoring treatment progress, they can now actively define and monitor clinical goals for each patient. This results in more active control, productivity and a new level of safety and confidence for their practice: a real mindset shift for our industry.”

“Doctors now have complete control over all orthodontic treatment and can automatically track inter-arch parameters such as the overbite, the overjet, the transverse or class correction of patients or detect the archwire and auxiliaries passivity in addition to the intra-arch parameters they were already able to track with our solution,” Salah said. “Dental professionals can virtualize and automate all non-clinical procedures and schedule appointments only when needed. At the same time, the patients’ compliance and engagement are improved, thanks to the complete revamping of our highly rated patient app.”

As the demand for remote care technology increases within the dental industry, DentalMonitoring continues to lead the way with its virtual practice solutions designed to engage, convert and monitor patients. Powered by AI and a database of more than half a billion patient photographs, the virtual practice solutions are designed to give dental professionals the flexibility and convenience they need to safely address all sorts of orthodontic patient cases and optimize chair time.

About DentalMonitoring

At DentalMonitoring, the company’s promise is to help all dental professionals improve their practice efficiency, optimize orthodontic treatment plans and enhance the patient experience thanks to its virtual practice solutions, which include the following:

  • SmileMate maximizes lead engagement and patient conversion, with the ability for dental professionals to triage and qualify patients even before they step into the practice.
  • DentalMonitoring, the company’s flagship solution, monitors all treatments remotely, from aligners and braces of all brands to retention and hygiene.

DentalMonitoring operates across the United States, Europe and Asia with offices in Austin, Texas; London; Paris; Hong Kong and Sydney.

More information about DentalMonitoring is available at

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