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A long and storied history for Keystone

Company headquarters in Cherry Hill, N.J. (DTI/Photo Keystone Industries)

Thu. 9 February 2012


The history of Keystone Industries dates back to as early as 1900 and is one that the company is extremely proud of. Keystone Industries is composed of several dental and medical manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries, which include National Keystone, founded in 1930, Tri-Dynamics founded in 1977, Mizzy (which includes Syrijet), founded in 1900, Ped-O-Jet, founded in 1968, and T&S Dental and Plastics Manufacturing, now known as Keystone Industries-Myerstown, founded in 1976.

Dental Resources, also located in Myerstown, Pa., was acquired in March 2003. Keystone merged with Deepak Products in 2008. Keystone Industries is a leading manufacturer in denture acrylics, thermal forming materials and machines, APF fluoride gels and foams, prophy paste, high-volume evacuators and packaging material.

In addition, Keystone runs the gamut from abrasives, carbides, chemicals and brushes to crucibles, Fleck's cement, PIP paste and the Syrijet for the dental industry.

Keystone Industries has the ability to manufacturer almost any resin, plastic or chemistry found in the marketplace on an OEM or private-label basis.

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