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‘To elevate dentistry around the world …’

By Robin Goodman, DTA
August 10, 2009

In an interview with Dental Tribune America, Dr Sam Kherani, president of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics, discusses the organization he leads, as well as its mission and annual conference. 

For those readers not familiar with the IACA, can you please tell us about the organization?

The IACA is a leading organization in dentistry that brings together like-minded professionals who would like to promote a comprehensive understanding of esthetics that is grounded in science and predictable longevity.

The IACA prides itself in being the most inclusive and innovative organization of its kind in the world.

The mission statement of the IACA says it all, “To elevate dentistry around the world through an exchange of doctors’ experiences and knowledge for the betterment of humanity. To remain a dynamic dental organization that serves as a catalyst for the fusion of contributions from all disciplines that serve mankind in attaining health and beauty.”

The IACA is a place where you’ll find a group of uplifting and passionate dentists who love what they are doing. We realize that we can all learn from each other, and this is the basic foundation of the IACA.

What is the main focus of the IACA?

The main focus of the IACA is to create an association of professionals that see value in such an association, and whose primary objective is to move the profession forward and be relevant to the public that it serves.

The IACA does this primarily by sourcing out speakers espousing various philosophies, ideas, techniques and research that can be shared with all, which would then lead to the constant positive evolution of the profession for the benefit of the final recipients, the patients.

The IACA works hard to be a truly inclusive organization for posterity. The IACA was established to not just provide a venue for a dentist to attend and receive advanced dental education. We wanted to provide an enjoyable experience for the dentist, family and his/her team.

I understand that the IACA has an annual conference. Can you tell readers about that?

The annual IACA conference allows members to get together and share information with each other, assimilate information from the highly valued speakers who present each year, and attend workshops that endeavor to teach new techniques and technologies.

It also fosters social interaction which, as we know, is the purveyor of knowledge. As the saying goes, “you learn more outside of the classroom.” This year’s IACA conference is being held at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco from July 30 through Aug. 1. Complete information, including speakers and lecture titles, can be found on the IACA Web site at

In addition to the conference, what other perks do members receive?

IACA members enjoy Webinars presented by leaders in the industry, camaraderie with like-minded individuals, information that is free of any bias from the organizers, significant value for the investment in time and resources, leading edge discussions and forums and much more.

The IACA was established and developed to be dynamic, and an entity that easily changes and evolves as it grows. The IACA was created to be a forum for all dental philosophies to be heard and discussed, and our members appreciate that.

Who can join the IACA?

Any individual who makes a contribution to the comprehensive esthetics of the human population can join the IACA. This includes dentists, physicians, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental technicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc.

Shamshudin (Sam) Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM, is a graduate of University of Western Ontario and has been in general practice since 1981 with a special interest in adhesive dentistry. Prior to joining LVI full-time as a clinical director, he served as a clinical instructor at the institute as well as a regional director. He currently serves as the president of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA). Kherani can be reached at +1 888 584 3237 or by e-mail at


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