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Curodont Protect: One-stop solution for cavity prevention and sensitivity

Most anti-sensitivity formulations on the market are designed as toothpastes or formulations that need to be rinsed out after a minute or two of use—Curodont Protect is different. (Image: vVARDIS)

Wed. 20 December 2023


Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus made by vVARDIS has become widely accepted in dental clinics across the US for the non-invasive treatment of early caries. Following up on this success, vVARDIS has now introduced Curodont Protect, an anti-cavity and anti-sensitivity dental gel that serves as an ideal complement to the in-office treatment with Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus.

Curodont Protect, which is formulated with the proprietary vVARDIS technology, has the double effect of aiding in cavity prevention and protecting from sensitivity. With the rise in the availability and consumption of packaged food and beverages often high in sugar and acidity, bolstering one’s oral hygiene routine to prevent caries has gained increasing relevance. Curodont Protect enables patients to do so using a simple procedure that is easy to incorporate into oral hygiene routines.

The concentrated Curodont Protect formula is transparent, easy to apply and keeps the active ingredient on the tooth surface. It supports the uptake of ions, such as calcium and phosphate, from the saliva to the tooth surface, ensuring their availability for remineralization. By strengthening the enamel, the formula thus provides effective anti-cavity protection. While this is particularly important for patients at a high risk of developing caries, such as those undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment, all patients aged over six years can benefit from including cavity prevention in their oral hygiene routine. For patients aged under six years, treating dentists can opt to use the formula in accordance with individual patient factors.

Curodont Protect formula is complementary to Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus, owing to the latter’s low-viscosity formulation, which allows it to diffuse into the subsurface body of early carious lesions. The thin gel formulation of Curodont Protect supports this remineralizing action at the surface level. This not only maximizes the effectiveness of the in-office treatment but also fosters patient compliance and engages patients in their own care. After in-office treatment, the recommended application of Curodont Protect is once per day for seven days or until the tube is empty.

Curodont Protect is an anti-sensitivity formulation, and it is therefore recommended for local application on sensitive teeth when required by the patient. It can also be used on sensitive teeth before commencing a dental procedure, such as oral prophylaxis or bleaching. Used in this way, it can help to improve the patient experience by allaying some or all of the discomfort, depending on the pain severity level. Although not a replacement for anesthesia, it can make dental care more bearable for patients with pre-existing sensitivity. After the dental procedure is finished, the clinician may prescribe the at-home application of Curodont Protect to ensure continuing protection.

Most anti-sensitivity formulations on the market are designed as toothpastes or formulations that need to be rinsed out after a minute or two of use. Curodont Protect is an on-the-go product, designed for use at any time or in any place through quick application when anticipating painful sensitivity. Its adoption by patients is therefore easy. It does not need to be rinsed out and has a taste that does not trigger hypersalivation. An added benefit that patients appreciate is that it leaves teeth feeling smooth, and this is especially important when they are left with an increased surface roughness after a treatment such as peroxide-based bleaching.

Thus, Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus and Curodont Protect together present the complete package for non-invasive overall dental health maintenance.

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