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The Fender way: fast and safe

Products available from Directa are designed to make restorations fast and efficient.
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 12 April 2010


NEW YORK, USA/STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Directa AB, a leading Scandinavian dental manufacturing company located in Stockholm that dedicates itself to introducing innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products into the dental market, is probably best-known for its Luxator extraction instruments and polycarbonate crowns.

However, a new Directa product is now creating quite a buzz in the dental world. Many dental practitioners are already familiar with Directa’s FenderWedge, which separates and protects adjacent teeth during preparation for a Class II restoration.

This product is a combined wedge and protective stainless steel plate, or ‘fender.’ FenderWedge pre-separates teeth and protects the adjacent tooth during preparation.

Research has shown that damage to the adjacent tooth occurs in more than 60 percent of cases during preparation unless it is adequately protected.

Now, FenderWedge has a complementary product: FenderMate. A one-piece sectional matrix and wedge specifically designed to allow dentists to complete a composite restoration quickly and efficiently with a tight contact and cervical margin. FenderMate may be utilized either from the buccal or lingual aspect.

The combined wedge and matrix design of FenderMate means that it may be applied quickly without the fumbling of tradition multiple-piece matrixing. A flexible ‘wing’ on the wedge ensures a sealed cervical margin, thus avoiding the possibility of overhang occurring. The matrix is pre-curved to adapt to the tooth and has a pre-shaped contact point. No retaining ring is required.

FenderMate has already made a tremendous impact worldwide and was rated as one of the best new products in the dental field in 2009.

The product is available in four sizes: left/right and narrow/regular, and is color-coded for ease of identification. It is available as an assorted kit of four boxes, each box containing 18 pieces, or as separate boxes.

More information on the FenderWedge, FenderMate and other products is available from Directa.

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