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Fenderwedge protects the adjacent teeth

FenderWedge protects the adjacent tooth. (DTI/Photo Directa)


Thu. 15 July 2010


Directa has produced a new generation of protective wedges to protect adjacent teeth during preparation of Class II fillings to avoid the problem of iatrogenic damage to teeth caused by accidental contact with the bur. Bur damage to neighboring teeth is, sadly, a common problem in everyday dental practice.

Research proves that teeth are damaged in more than two-thirds of all cases during Class II preparations when a regular bur is used.*

Directa’s FenderWedge is a combination of a plastic wedge and stainless steel plate that prevent any possible contact between the bur and tooth during preparation and other similar procedures.

It is easily inserted from the mesial or buccal side, helping to ease the teeth apart before the application of a matrix system, and stays firmly in place during the entire procedure.

The protective plate is highly resistant and fully protects adjacent teeth during preparation.

Directa, which was founded in 1916 and is one of a number of companies in the industrial group Lifco AB, is a subsidiary of the privately owned Carl Bennet AB group.

It is one of the fastest growing dental manufacturing companies in the Nordic region operating in over 90 countries worldwide. The company exhibits at most international dental trade fairs.

More information is available from Directa AB, Sweden.

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