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Zest Dental Solutions introduces additional LOCATOR implants diameters

Zest Dental Solutions, maker of the LOCATOR overdenture abutment system, recently announced an expansion of its line of LOCATOR Overdenture Implants to include a wide range of implant diameters.

This comprehensive line extension is available as part of a single-implant site packaged solution that includes LOCATOR implants, abutments and accompanying components for overdentures.

“For years, industry and clinical partners have been asking us to expand our current line of implants to go with our LOCATOR implant abutment systems, so exploring our options made sense,” said Tom Stratton, CEO of Zest Dental Solutions. “Working in conjunction with our existing manufacturing capabilities, which are located here in San Diego, Calif., we are releasing an expanded line of LOCATOR Implants. They are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the LOCATOR products clinicians already rely upon. Best of all, they are available at a price that allows clinicians to provide overdenture treatment to a segment of the population that might have been previously priced out of the market.”

The new LOCATOR Overdenture Implants are designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving overdenture marketplace. They are available in diameters: 2.4, 2.9, 3.5, 3.9, 4.4, 4.9mm, giving clinicians the ability to treat cases with both standard and narrow ridges.

The implants feature a progressive diameter shape, self-tapping tip and RBM treated surface to provide strength and stability in a variety of anatomical environments. The bundling of components by Zest Dental Solutions eliminates the overlap that can occur between case planning and inventory management so the clinician can focus their efforts on the individual case.

“We are going through most of the same distribution channels as our existing LOCATOR products making it easy for existing users to try them. Clinicians can expect the same consistent, high-quality, LOCATOR experience they’ve come to expect from all products that carry the LOCATOR name,” added Stratton.

LOCATOR Implants will be available through participating Zest Dental Solutions industry partners or directly to the clinician at Zest at

(Source: Zest Dental Solutions)

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