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Uveneer Extra restorative template system

The latest innovation in dental restorative technology – the Uveneer Extra template system – is now available through Ultradent Products, a global manufacturer and distributor of dental materials and equipment.

The Uveneer Extra template system complements the original Uveneer template system to provide more natural restorations with four new upper anterior designs – Extra Large, Large, Medium and Square templates. The templates work with any preferred composite to create exquisite, reproducible composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry.

Dr. Sigal Jacobson’s desire to create elegant and efficient veneers inspired her to create the Uveneer template family. “Composites have developed to the point that we’re able to really change patients’ lives by doing more composite work … Dentistry is going toward natural looking surface textures, so Uveneer Extra has more natural templates which were scanned from real people.”

These unique, autoclavable* templates prevent the oxygen inhibition layer from forming during the curing process resulting in hard, glossy surfaces – while also allowing light to pass through to the composite for effective curing.

(Source: Ultradent Products)

*Base in which templates arrive is not autoclavable, rather only the templates themselves. Do NOT autoclave the base.

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