Unique W&H solution for the Zygoma application

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Unique W&H solution for the Zygoma application

When it comes to high-risk patients, difficult compliance and extreme bone resorption, complex bone augmentations are often stretched to their limits. For upper jaw interventions, one possible alternative is the use of Zygoma implants.

The new 20:1 Zygoma handpiece for implant site preparation and implant insertion was developed by W&H in cooperation with leading Zygoma specialists. The contra-angle handpiece chucking system makes this product the only one of its kind and offers users a high level of safety, according to W&H.

Easy access to the treatment site

Zygoma implants are inserted into the zygomatic bone at an angle. It is crucial that the implant is positioned exactly in line with the specified angle here. The new W&H SZ-75 handpiece makes interventions easier in the area of the zygomatic bone, according to the company.

The ergonomic angulation of the handpiece enables optimal access to the treatment site, thus allowing users to work for extended periods without fatigue, the company said.

Ultra-safe use

Conventional surgical handpieces do not offer adequate fixation for Zygoma burs. The new W&H SZ-75 is the world’s first 20:1 handpiece with contra-angle handpiece chucking system and was specially developed for the Zygoma application, according to W&H.

Not only is it a genuine innovation on the market, but, above all, it ensures ultra-safe use while providing high concentricity accuracy, the company said. In addition, the handpiece can also be used with standard implant burs and can be applied universally in surgery.

Efficient spray cooling

The new W&H Zygoma handpiece removes the need for manual cooling by the dental assistant as the external spray channel ensures the treatment site is cooled, accoring to W&H. The spray is expelled close to the instrument’s area of activity and cools the operating site with the utmost efficiency, the company said.