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Tapered Short implants and Tapered Short Guided system

BioHorizons Tapered Short implants are available in 6 and 7.5 mm lengths, offering a solution for cases with limited vertical bone height and minimizing the need for bone grafting.

The implant design features an aggressive thread profile and tapered body for primary stability, even in compromised situations. A platform-switched, dual-affinity, Laser-Lok surface offers crestal bone retention and a connective tissue attachment for flexible placement in uneven ridges.

The design of the profile increases surface area by 25 percent, compared to Tapered Internal implants. The conical internal hex connection offers a stable restoration, with color-coding for easy matching of the implants and abutments. Tapered Short implants can be placed using minimal instrumentation because of a new stepped drill design that streamlines the surgical protocol.

The new Tapered Short Guided system offers a dedicated guided surgery solution for the Tapered Short implants that can also be used for freehand workflows. The updated instrument designs minimize stack height, with reduced offsets. With a fully keyless workflow, this new design eliminates the need for additional instruments, creating a simpler and more efficient surgical protocol, according to the company.

Irrigation flutes incorporated into the drill hub allow for improved cooling and lubrication at the drilling site. Each size of implant is placed with a dedicated driver, removing the need for separate depth stops. New master cylinders are color-coded to the surgical protocol and offer more space for soft tissue in flapless procedures.

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(Source: BioHorizons)

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