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Soft-Core is a gutta percha based, carrier-obturation system that features significant improvements over the leading competitor brand, Thermafil. Soft-Core’s improvements include injection molded obturators with greater flexibility, more Alpha Phase gutta percha, a twist-off handle and built-in post space. The Soft-Core oven is easy to use, holds up to four obturators at a time and maintains the obturators at the appropriate temperature for up to 30 minutes. Best of all, the Soft-Core system is value priced for quick acceptance by existing Thermafil users and attractive for trial by dentists new to carrier obturation. The Soft-Core system includes: injection molded obturators, size verifiers, LA Axxess bur and a 4-obturator oven.


The Soft-Core obturator oven is conveniently small, maintains consistent heat, is easy to maintain and can hold heated obturators for up to 30 minutes. The obturators and size verifiers are available in sizes #20 to #60. Soft-Core obturators are available in 6-count packs and 36-count economy packs. Size verifiers are available in 6-count packs.

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