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Shofu celebrates 20th anniversary of bioactive GIOMER Technology

Shofu Dental Corp. is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first restorative product containing proprietary bioactive GIOMER Technology. According to the company, this groundbreaking technology features a specially engineered filler particle that allows Shofu’s restorative products to have clinically proven, long-term bioactive and therapeutic properties.

According to Shofu, these healthful properties are unavailable in other restorative materials, including anti-bacterial/anti-plaque effect, acid neutralization, fluoride release and recharge, and more.

An independent, eight-year clinical research study displayed a 100 percent retention rate, intact aesthetics, no secondary caries, no failures and no post-operative sensitivity, the company said.

Randy Bailey, president of Shofu, commented about this milestone by saying, “After two decades, we are pleased to see the increased acceptance from the dental community of bioactive and therapeutic restorative materials to support the oral and systemic health of patients. We anticipate this trend will continue.”

Bioactive GIOMER technology is available in a complete line of Beautifil products; universal composite (Beautifil II and Beautifil II LS), flowable composite (Beautifil Flow Plus, Beautifil Flow Plus X, and Fit SA), resin cement (BeautiCem) and sealant (BeautiSealant).

More information on bioactive Giomer technology and Beautifil products can be found on Shofu’s website,

(Source: Shofu Dental Corp.)

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