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Orascoptic’s Tempo Refined Fit frame provides optimized product for large segment of customer base

Orascoptic, a leader in vision solutions for dental and medical professionals, recently announced that it will be adding a new frame, Tempo Refined Fit, to its custom product portfolio.

The Tempo Refined Fit by Orascoptic is designed to maximize comfort for clinicians with a lower nose bridge or prominent cheekbones and for whom conventional loupe frames are often a poor fit, according to the company.

Orascoptic is committed to providing every customer with a loupe that is built to their exact facial specifications so that it fits comfortably, securely and ergonomically. The company’s research and development teams have engineered the Tempo Refined Fit for a segment of clinicians who have long been poorly served in the loupes category, according to the company. This frame was engineered specifically to better fit those facial structures with a lower nose bridge and higher cheekbones, achieving ultimate comfort and function, Orascoptic asserts.

Tempo Refined Fit provides clinicians with a loupes frame option that minimizes problems such as frames sliding down the nose bridge or uncomfortably resting on the cheekbones. The Tempo Refined Fit contains a range of design features. Orascoptic has designed a unique nose pad wire to allow for a comfortable and secure fit on a less pronounced nose bridge, the company states. The research and development team has also incorporated the ideal B dimension to prevent misalignment of optics caused by the frame resting on the cheeks. This frame was built, Orascoptic asserts, with the optimal angle of pantoscopic tilt to alleviate the discomfort caused by frames resting directly on the cheekbones. These refinements contribute to a truer fit and enhanced comfort for the user, the company states.

“Excellent vision is often at the core of a health-care providers ability to deliver care. However, for some clinicians, it simply has not been possible to find an appropriately fitting base frame without making performance tradeoffs,” said Drew Weightman, Orascoptic’s general manager. “We have been dismayed at how poorly conventional loupes fit certain users, especially individuals with a lower nose bridge or more prominent cheekbones. Our team decided to lead our industry forward, and I am thrilled at what they have created. We are proud to release the Tempo Refined Fit because loupes should fit comfortably and securely. On everyone.”

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(Source: Orascoptic)

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