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OPTIM 1 Wipes

COLTENE SciCan’s OPTIM 1 is one of the fastest and most effective one-step cleaner disinfectants and has a one-minute broad-spectrum contact time, according to the company.

OPTIM 1 Wipes have excellent wetness, the company asserts, ensuring complete and fully compliant disinfection with each application. A study evaluated the length of time surfaces remain wet after application of different disinfectants commonly used in dental practices; OPTIM 1 was the only product that remained wet long enough to meet its contact time [John A. Molinari, Ph.D., Peri Nelson, B.S., Antonia Molinari. Environmental Surface Wetness Test: Comparison of Disinfectant Wipes. Ann Arbor: Dental Advisor, 2015]. In fact, OPTIM 1 Wipes covered twice as much surface area compared to leading competitors — saving users time and money.

What’s ‘contact time’?

Disinfectant product labels indicate specific contact times — the length of time disinfectant solution must be in contact with the target surface (i.e., keep the surface wet) in order to achieve the desired disinfection efficacy.

What’s ‘dry time’?

It’s the time it takes for a disinfectant to fully dry and/or evaporate on a surface. A disinfectant’s contact time should be faster than its dry time. If a disinfectant evaporates before its contact time has elapsed, the surface has not been fully disinfected. That means, the disinfectant dried up before it could kill and inactivate the pathogens on the surface.

When faced with a fast-drying disinfectant, to ensure the surface is wet until the contact time is achieved, users need to wipe the surface down again as soon as it dries up. In today’s busy dental practices, users typically apply a disinfectant and let it air dry as they move on to their other tasks. They don’t have time to watch it dry and use a second wipe.

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