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KOMET USA Offers Cutters for Left-handed Operators

Eight Different Instruments for Working on Various Laboratory Materials

Rock Hill, S.C. — If you are a left-handed dental professional searching for an instrument that will cut plaster, acrylics or metal alloys, then KOMET USA has the right burs for you.

KOMET USA offers eight different instruments allowing left-handed operators to ergonomically cut material efficiently and precisely. Standard cutters only cut efficiently if rotating to the right. That means only right-handed users can work towards their body and left-handed users must awkwardly perform the same technique in the opposite direction. By using KOMET’s left-handed cutters, designed to rotate to the left, left-handed users can now ergonomically work towards their body.

The left-handed instruments available from KOMET are:

  • H79SGEL.104.070—super coarse carbide cutter for rough trimming of plaster during model fabrication or of denture bases
  • H261EL.104.023—carbide cutter for fine or interdental trimming of acrylics, plaster and metal alloys during model casting, crown-and-bridge and acrylic techniques
  • H79EL.104.040—carbide cutter for universal trimming of acrylics, plaster and metal alloys during model casting, crown-and-bridge and acrylic techniques, as well as model fabrication
  • H251EL.104.060—popular carbide cutter shape especially designed for trimming acrylics dentures
  • H295EL.104.023—carbide cutter that is mainly used for trimming of metal surfaces during model casting and crown-and-bridge techniques
  • H79EFL.104.040—carbide cutter for fine trimming of acrylics and metal alloys during model casting and crown-and-bridge techniques
  • 329L.104 and 305L.104—stainless steel mandrels with left-handed threads to be used with polishers

KOMET’s left-handed cutters provide an unobstructed view of the surface being worked on, and all chips and dust are directed towards the suction device at the work station. All instruments are indentified with the word “left” laser etched on the shank. To use these specialty instruments, users are instructed to switch all handpieces to a left-hand motion.


KOMET is a recognized worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized and precise dental rotary instruments. KOMET operates in the United States under the name KOMET USA, and sells direct to practitioners and dental laboratories. The Company’s US headquarters is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. For more information about KOMET USA or the Left-handed Cutters, please call 888-566-3887 or visit



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