Holistic Health Therapeutics introduces TRC Cream

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Holistic Health Therapeutics introduces TRC Cream

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., USA: Holistic Health Therapeutics has announced the launch of TRC Cream (Transdermal Relief Cream), which is designed to provide quick, temporary relief of head and neck issues including myofascial and TMJ discomfort, which affects 12 to 15 percent of the U.S. population.

According to the company, TRC is 2.5 percent (750mg) of medical grade CBD that reduces the need for patients to rely on daily NSAIDs for a variety of head and neck issues. After 18 months of extremely positive patient results and feedback, TRC has entered the dental market and is ready for dentists to provide it to their patients, the company said.

“We have found that in increasing number of doctors are looking for an alternative, more holistic approach for pain relief that can help reduce the need for opiates and daily analgesics for conditions like TMJ and myofascial pain,” Holistic Health Therapeutics said in a press release. “Doctors can now include TRC as an adjunct to therapy or sleep appliances that cause discomfort to facial muscles and joints.”

Kathleen Carson, DDS, of Integrative Dental Arts in Agoura Hills, Calif., said, “Adding in the use of CBD to my dental practice has been a complete game changer. As an adjunct or sometimes stand-alone treatment, it offers tremendous benefits with no unwanted side effects. It is one of the missing links to overall patient care.”

Dr. Robert Marus, a cosmetic dentist in Yardley, Pa., who was also part of the patient feedback program over the past year, said, “TRC exceeded my expectations. It allows me to manage head and neck discomfort without the use of pharmacology.” He said that his patients experience “substantial relief.”

Rosie Schwarz, a patient of Dr. Marus, said she was amazed by how quick-acting and long lasting TRC was when she used the CBD topical cream to help with her jaw discomfort. Her full patient testimonial video is available on the TRC Cream website, www.TRCcream.com.

TRC will be available for patients through their dental or medical office. As experienced clinicians are most qualified to diagnose and prescribe care, TRC is only sold to dentists and medical professionals. Patients will have the opportunity to find a doctor in their area through the doctor locator feature on the website, which also includes testimonials from dentists and patients.

The company can be contacted directly at (800) 681-1379.

(Source: Holistic Health Therapeutics)