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Grandio®SO – the ultimate handling and performance composite experience

After 7 years of development VOCO is introducing the new universal Nano Hybrid Composite GrandioSO. VOCO’s primary objective, in the development was to create a material that not only offers excellent aesthetics and smooth, non sticky handling characteristics, but also mirrors the natural properties of the tooth; surface hardness, strength, elasticity, wear, stability and thermal behavior. Grandio®SO, a substrate-optimized universal nano-hybrid composite has an unique combination of superior handling, aesthetics and ideal physical properties make it the most tooth-like composite ever developed.

Grandio®SO achieve its remarkably low shrinkage rate of 1.6% through its innovative nano technology. In composite materials, polymerization shrinkage occurs only in the resin matrix. Therefore, the greater the percentage of filler in the composite, the more it reduces shrinkage. The best most universal restoratives can achieve is in the range of 77%-80% filler particles. Grandio®SO uses silicon dioxide designer nano filler and then mixes those nano particles with traditional glass ceramic filler particles. The traditional fillers form a hard network and the nano particles fill the spaces between them, enabling Grandio®SO to achieve its higher filler rate of 89%.

Surface hardness also plays an important role in restoration durability. Grandio®SO exhibits a surface hardness twice as high as other composites, and comes closest to the hardness of natural tooth enamel. Yet, despite its exceptionally high surface hardness, Grandio®SO still polishes well and produces long-lasting high gloss restorations. Grandio®SO comes in 16 non-light sensitive shades, but in many cases, even in the anterior region, only one shade is required to produce the best aesthetic result—saving the dentist time and money. For GrandioSO VOCO added 3 specials shades to the standard VITA range. VCA5 for the growing geriatric patient needs. VCA3.25 to close the large shade gap between A3 and A3.5 and Bleach for pediatric and bleached patients. Grandio®SO combines exceptionally long workability under ambient light with very short light-curing times.



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