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Gingival Cuff Links

The Gingival Cuff Links, available from GCL Systems Inc., is a fully customizable and sculptable healing cuff that is to be used to preserve and perfect gingival emergence profile. In addition to being used as a healing cuff, it can be modified to serve as a provisional restoration.

Chairside sculpting/customizing of the Gingival Cuff Links is a distinct feature of the system and is done with routine dental materials. Removal of acrylic is done with a dental handpiece using the appropriate burs, discs, etc.

Additions to the Gingival Cuff Links are done by adding flowable composite (no primer necessary) or additional bis-acryl to a dry surface on the Gingival Cuff Links.

The Gingival Cuff Links can be used with both direct and indirect impression techniques.

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(Source: GCL Systems Inc.)

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