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SS White, known as a leading innovator of endodontic technology, continues in its dedication to serving general practitioners and endodontists with a new range of endodontic files that offer amazing flexibility without compromising strength and simplicity, the company said in a press release.

ExactTaper(H)DC is the next generation of minimally invasive NiTi files designed to conserve more dentin for longer lasting restorations and removes 40 to 60 percent less tooth structure. It is available in comparable sizes and lengths to competitor file systems, requiring no change to current protocol or technique, the company said.

Proprietary heat-treating processes create superior controlled memory and flexibility for up to 900 curves to accommodate the most complex canals. ExactTaper(H)DC offers unmatched file flexibility and control that results in as much preservation of the natural tooth as possible, according to the company.

“At SS White, we approach every product or service decision with improved patient care and ideal clinical outcomes as guiding principles,” the company said. “We know if the patient wins, you win, and of course we win. SS White was at the forefront of endodontic file design with the launch of the first minimally invasive file in 2012. We put down the marker that conserving dentin led to better clinical outcomes. If your goal is to conserve dentin in your endodontic therapy, think first about us. After all, it’s in our name.”

ExactTaper(H)DC is the perfect bridge to minimally invasive endodontics for the general practitioner who is looking for a file that maintains the natural integrity of the tooth and incorporates innovative technology to perform endodontic procedures safely and effectively.

Order online at, an ecommerce platform that enables direct ordering and enables practitioners to benefit from convenience and educational support, or through an SS White sales representative at (800) 535-2877.

(Source: SS White)

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