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Chicagoland Smile Group offering enhanced oral cancer screenings

CHICAGO, Ill.: Chicagoland Smile Group joined forces with Forward Science, the manufacturer of OralID, to become a provider of the ID for Life program. This initiative will promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer. All Chicagoland dental offices will be offering enhanced oral cancer screenings using the OralID during scheduled appointments to new and current patients.

Oral Cancer incidences are unfortunately not rare and currently, the number of individuals diagnosed is on the rise. This year alone, approximately 53,000 will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the United States. Largely due to late stage discovery, one American dies from oral cancer every hour. Chicagoland Smile Group is one of many dental offices taking a stand against the oral cancer epidemic, providing education and screenings to their patients across the state of Illinois.

“I feel that dental providers serve as the first line of defense and have the greatest opportunity to positively impact early detection of oral cancer,” says Chicagoland Smile Group Director of Hygiene, Kim Fasula. “That being said, I feel strongly that Chicagoland Smile Group play an active role in making a difference through oral cancer education, awareness, and screenings using advanced technology. Forward Science has provided us with the tools to satisfy these goals and provide our patients with the highest level of care.”

Chicagoland’s Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Charles Zasso, recommends screening with the OralID oral cancer screening device in efforts to discover oral cancers in their earliest stages. Currently, 63 percent of oral cancers are found in late stages (stage III, IV), resulting in a five-year survival rate of less than 50 percent. Finding these abnormalities in much earlier stages can increase the five-year survival rate up to 80-90 percent. Those interested in learning more about this advanced technology implemented at all Chicagoland offices can visit the website,

About Forward Science
Forward Science is a biotech company based in Houston. OralID, Forward Science’s flagship product, is an award-winning oral cancer screening device that enables clinicians to “Shine Light. Save Lives.” by identifying abnormalities that may not be seen under traditional white-light examinations. Forward Science quickly expanded its product portfolio in efforts to provide clinicians with a complete program to battle the rising trends of oral cancer. With the launch of the ID For Life program, Forward Science has evolved into an industry leader for oral oncology. The ID For Life program includes the following in an effort to change the trends for oral cancer: screening device (OralID), diagnostic tests (CytID, PathID, hpvID, phID), and treatment options (SalivaMAX). To learn more about Forward Science’s ID For Life or any of its products, you can visit or call 855-696-7254.

(Source: Forward Science)

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