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BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal submicron hybrid composite distinguished by easy polishability, gloss retention, ideal handling and exceptional blending properties, according to Coltene, the company behind the product.

The company asserts that thanks to its sophisticated filler composition, BRILLIANT EverGlow shows an exceptionally smooth surface and satin shine directly after placing the filling. This simplifies the task of polishing, allowing highly esthetic restorations to be performed in minimal time.

All BRILLIANT EverGlow universal, translucent and opaque shades are available in a 3 g syringe or 0.2 g tip refills or kits. An economical starter kit includes an assortment of four commonly used universal and translucent shades. Visit to request a free sample of BRILLIANT EverGlow.

COLTENE’s new ALPEN ShapeGuard Composite Plus polishers pair brilliantly with BRILLIANT EverGlow as well as with COLTENE’s other composite products, according to the company. The new unique head shape expands COLTENE’s existing diamond impregnated composite and ceramic polishing line. ShapeGuard Composite Plus polishers are a perfect addition to the Alpen Composite Plus product family.

Alpen ShapeGuard composite polishers offer a simple two-step polishing system for fast, easy and intuitive finishing and polishing, asserts Coltene. Flexible polishing lamellae offer an outstanding advantage when contouring newly formed composite restorations.

Offered in two different diameters, 110 1/10 mm and 140 1/10 mm, the Alpen ShapeGuard Composite Plus Polishing two-step polishing system is optimal for working on occlusal, incisal, labial, buccal, lingual and proximal surfaces of the tooth.

ALPEN ShapeGuard Polishers are available in Step 1 and Step 2 refill packs as well as assorted packs. Visit for more information.

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