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Big ‘Reveal’ from Designs for Vision may also be its most groundbreaking

Designs for Vision has announced the introduction of its groundbreaking Reveal (U.S. pat. 10215977B1). Reveal provides hands-free, fluorescence-enhanced theragnosis (FET), combining diagnosis and fluorescence-enhanced therapy.

Reveal supplies the visual information to support decision making and facilitate proper treatment options in cariology, oral hygiene, periodontology-implantology and restorative dentistry.

Utilizing endogenous fluorescence of teeth and certain bacteria, Reveal identifies enamel demineralization and bacterial contamination, allowing as well for differentiation between infected and affected dentin, according to the company.   Reveal allows for guided caries removal, preserving more tooth structure and avoiding postoperative complications.

Designs for Vision asserts that Reveal illuminates during prophylaxis, supporting detection of supra and subgingival infected calculus. Additionally, Reveal identifies the accumulation of perio-active bacteria, allowing for the identification and early treatment. Reveal also easily distinguishes between tooth structure and dental restorations, according to the company.

The Reveal headlight produces wavelengths of light that stimulate structures; these excited structures emit light in a longer wavelength. This is known as the Stokes shift. The Reveal loupes utilize special filters that both enhance the emitted fluoresced light and protect the clinician from any damaging wavelengths, Designs for Vision states.

For more information, contact Designs for Vision to arrange a visit in your office at (800) 345-4009 or

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