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Asprodental: Practice management software on the cloud

Asprodental is the latest practice management software on the cloud. Backed by over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Asprodental’s founders sought to address the challenges that they encountered in private practice.

The biggest of these challenges is time management. There are two main areas where Asprodental helps practices master their use of time. On the clinical side, Asprodental decreases the amount of time wasted on hunting down health record information. Asprodental is the only practice management software that allows the provider to work from one screen to access the periodontal chart, odontogram, treatment plan and clinical notes. The clinical notes are also fully searchable, just like an email message.

On the administrative side, Asprodental bridges the gap between goals and implementation. A practice’s core goals are straightforward: Production, collections, hygiene and new patients. However, the bustle of day-to-day operations leaves practice owners and managers without time to keep these goals at the forefront of their team’s minds. Asprodental is the only practice management software that provides live, gamelike feedback to keep team members engaged with practice goals throughout the day. Additionally, Asprodental automates simple tasks, such as appointment reminder texts and recall reactivations, giving the team more time to focus on bigger tasks.

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