Aseptico ELITE LED motor system redefines value and performance

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Aseptico ELITE LED motor system redefines value and performance

The ELITE all-in-one motor system from Aseptico (model AEU-7000L-70V) is said to be ideal for a number of dental specialties, including implant, endo, restoration, and oral surgery, resulting in a superior return on investment.

Features include:

  • A powerful, 40K rpm, autoclavable micromotor with LED illumination at any speed. Unlike conventional fiber optic bulbs, the integrated LED provides 10’s of thousands of operating hours.
  • An advanced dynamometer calibration system that automatically detects the properties of individual implant or endo reduction handpieces for highly accurate speed, torque, and efficiency results at the time of treatment. This means that almost every brand of new or existing reduction handpiece from 16:1 – 32:1 (implant) and 4:1 – 16:1 (endo) can be used.
  • Torque control is adjustable up to 60 Ncm, ensuring compatibility with every implant system in the market.
  • Endo functionality that exceeds any competing hybrid system (on-board file library, torque in g-cm, auto-stop-reverse, etc.).
  • Twelve programmable preset buttons (6 implant / 6 endo) are available for saving preferred ratio, speed, torque, irrigation, motor direction settings, and even display names.
  • Upgradable software ensures longevity of the device.
  • The ELITE performs the complete implant procedure using a 20:1 reduction contra angle, such as the new AHP-85MBFO-CX Mont Blanc Fiber Optic Handpiece with Depth Control. The micromotor is also compatible with most brands of lighted and non-lighted handpieces (such as the AHP-85MB-X or AHP-85MB-CX Mont Blanc and the AHP-85P-I Impulsion). The ELITE may also be used with 8:1 endo, 1:1 standard, 1:2, and 1:5 increaser handpieces for a multitude of dental applications.

The ELITE will debut at the Chicago Midwinter (Feb. 24-26) and IDS Cologne (Mar. 22 – 26). For information about pre-ordering the ELITE and additional details about the company’s full range of surgical motors and accessories visit, call +1-866-244-2954 or +1-425-487-3157, or e-mail