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Anatotemp SC

Anatotemp recently announced the incorporation of the Anatotemp SC anatomic dental implant healing abutment and scan body library into the 3Shape dental implant laboratory and model creator software.

According to the company, Anatotemp has become the off-the-shelf solution for creating ideal emergence profile, and now its second-generation Anatotemp SC is both an anatomic healing abutment and digital scan body in one component.

By utilizing the Anatotemp SC, there is no need to remove the healing abutment and place an impression post or scan body, according to the company. Anatotemp SC performs both functions saving the implant clinician four steps and at least one appointment, the company said.

3Shape is known as a global leader in digitally driven dental implant planning and laboratory software and is utilized by a vast number of dental implant clinicians and dental laboratories worldwide.

“The inclusion of the Anatotemp SC library into the 3Shape dental laboratory software provides the dental implant clinician with a much-desired streamlined workflow,” said Terry B. Philibin DDS, MS, MBA, president and CEO of Anatotemp. “There is no longer a need to remove the healing abutment and place an impression body; Anatotemp SC does both.”

(Source: Anatotemp)

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