Neocis receives additional funding for Yomi robotic system

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Yomi creators raise multimillion-dollar funding for dental robotic system

Yomi robotic technology is transforming implant surgery by offering increased clinical efficiency as well as improved patient experience. (Image: Neocis)

MIAMI, US: Yomi is a robot-assisted surgical device developed by the healthcare start-up Neocis. It is the only system of its kind that has gained US Food and Drug Administration clearance—for general dental implant procedures in 2016, for full-arch dental implant procedures in 2020 and for bone reduction in 2022. Just recently, the company has raised additional funding that will allow it to further its mission to transform dental implant procedures and to finance various business operations, including product development, clinical education and sales.

Since its development, Yomi has been steadily gaining clinicians’ trust. Back at the beginning of 2022, Yomi’s manufacturer announced that over 10,000 dental implants had been placed using the dental robotic platform and that figure is now 40,000, according to Neocis. Needless to say, the exponential growth of the company is attracting investors’ attention and has culminated in another major additional funding for the Yomi robotic system—US$20 million(€18.2 million) from NVentures, a venture capital arm of California-based multinational technology company NVIDIA, and Mirae Asset Capital, a financial services group headquartered in Seoul in South Korea.

“Robotics and AI [artificial intelligence] are changing the face of dentistry, enabling innovations that increase doctor efficiency and help them improve the quality of life for their patients,” Mohamed “Sid” Siddeek, corporate vice president and head of NVentures, said in a press release. “Neocis is transforming dental implant procedures, demonstrating the benefits of robotics and AI in healthcare,” he continued.

“The latest investment is a testament to our growth as a company and how far dental robotics has come since the first Yomi systems were installed. This funding positions us for continued success in the market and will help us drive meaningful innovation in implant dentistry,” CEO and co-founder of Neocis Dr Alon Mozes commented.

“Neocis is bringing needed innovation to dentistry, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them in that mission,” said Mirae Asset Capital investment manager Soojung Kim. “We look forward to working alongside the Neocis team to help them excel in a rapidly growing market and get Yomi in the hands of more providers,” she concluded.

The creators of Yomi began designing the prototype back in 2008, just before the company was officially founded in 2009. The robotic system uses haptic feedback, intuitive visualisation and audio cues to help clinicians place implants with superior accuracy and precision.

More information about Yomi and its creators can be found here.

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