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W&H’s Implantmed: The game changer in implantology

Photo: Provided by W&H

Fri. 23 September 2022


W&H’s high-end device is synonymous with dental implantology. Clear design combined with technical finesse make the Implantmed a game changer – and that’s been the case for 20 years.


W&H is an international medical technology company that has remained focused on dental products and solutions for more than 130 years. As a market leader in this area, the company has repeatedly set industry standards around the world with its innovations — providing high-end solutions, devices and precision instruments.

As the oldest dental handpiece manufacturer in the world, W&H has remained a family-owned company with a family culture.

“The family concept is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. W&H is characterized by dedication, expertise and mutual trust. It is teamwork and innovation that make us strong — today and in the future,” says Peter Malata, president of W&H.

The enabler for individual workflows

Technologies for implant stability measurement and smart solutions for digital networking make the Implantmed unique in the industry today. Users can tailor it to their individual implantology workflow, and thanks to its optional product features, it can be ideally adjusted to clinical requirements.

As early as 2005, the Implantmed was given an ergonomic design and improved motor technology. Available in two housing colours, it made an eye-catching addition to any dental practice. Numerous implant manufacturers added the W&H product to their portfolio.

Shortly afterward, the equipment was given a facelift, and from 2011, it was available in shiny new housing. An integrated automatic thread-cutting function was also included from this point, providing support for implant insertion into dense bone.

Just five years later, W&H lit an innovation firework: In cooperation with Osstell AB, now a member of the W&H Group, the Implantmed Plus was the first implantology motor to be enhanced with Osstell’s ISQ functionality measuring and recording implant stability. For the first time, this allowed dental staff to check the status of osseointegration in real time and thus determine the optimal time to restore an implant.

That was a milestone in safety, but it didn’t stop there. The Implantmed Plus also featured a color display, touch screen, a new coolant pump, individual user profiles and a documentation function, as well as customization features. A wireless foot control ensured that several W&H devices (such as Implantmed and Piezomed) could be operated with just one foot control.

The motor remains the shortest and most powerful implantology motor on the market. The version that includes LED light ensures optimal illumination in all treatment situations.

In 2018, W&H added the Implantmed Classic joining the Implantmed Plus in its portfolio, thereby offering two models for different customer requirements.

 Always a step ahead

W&H has been responding to dentists’ requirements for more than 20 years. Every Implantmed generation is always a step ahead. Now, as they did before, technical features and optimal reliability make Implantmed a game changer in implant surgery.

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