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W&H launches new product innovations for dental equipment in North America

Photo: Provided by W&H

Sat. 21 January 2023


W&H is expanding its hygiene portfolio with the addition of a new Lexa Plus Class B sterilizer and a new, technologically advanced Assistina One maintenance device, bringing added peace of mind to reprocessing and infection prevention for a dental practice’s workflow

The core of W&H’s ambition is to develop state-of-the-art technology and tools that make dental practices’ work safer, more efficient and more patient-friendly.

The new Lexa Plus sterilizer is a pre-vacuum, Class B sterilizer for the North American market. It provides more capacity, energy-saving fast cycles, automatic water filling, connectivity and traceability options offering full protection for doctors and their patients. The new Assistina One single port maintenance device ensures perfect care and performs the correct lubrication cycles crucial for the function and long service life of dental handpieces. The entire lubrication and spray channel cleaning process only takes 18 seconds, making the Assistina One the fastest maintenance solution in its class.

Lexa Plus Sterilizer

The Lexa Plus is built to offer more of all that counts in everyday dental infection control. Its color touch screen display offers an intuitive menu structure with a wide range of options to make daily work easier, faster, and more efficient. The large chamber capacity, short cycle times and excellent load drying offer
additional efficiencies as well as more flexibility with the user-friendly tray and exclusive rack design.

Key benefits

  • Eco Dry + : the innovative, patented Eco Dry + adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This increases efficiency by reducing cycle times, increases the life span of instruments and optimizes energy consumption.
  • Large capacity: a 7.4 gallon chamber enables Lexa Plus to reprocess up to 16.5 lbs. of wrapped and 18 lbs. of unwrapped instruments and is extremely flexible with its 5-tray rack.
  • Advanced features: the automatic water filling feature allows a demineralized system to be connected to the sterilizer for optimum efficiency. More advanced connectivity capabilities allow for remote monitoring and advanced service support.
  • EliTrace: an advanced documentation system offers full traceability, down to a single instrument for a high level of safety for both practice and patient and can be automatically saved to a USB stick.
  • W&H Bowie & Dick test: a W&H branded Bowie & Dick daily test allows for a more enhanced traceability by linking the sterilization cycle with the test sheet.

Assistina One

The Assistina One is designed for the needs of users in dental practices and intended to further simplify the maintenance process for greater efficiency. The Quick Connect by W&H feature is an innovative adapter solution that makes it quick and easy to switch between handpieces.

Key benefits

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient: up to 2,800 transmission instruments can be maintained with just one Care Set saving money, time and use of oil spray cans. It works exclusively with compressed air, so it can be put into operation quickly with no need for a power supply.
  • Easy to use: straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines and air motors can be perfectly processed and maintained at the push of a button. The clear view of the chamber along with the fill level indicator on the side contribute to the intuitive operation of the device.
  • Safe and clean: maintenance sets in a handy cartridge system means that oil and cleaning fluid can be easily and quickly changed with no mess. Manual refilling is a thing of the past. To ensure a safe and clean working environment, aerosols are also extracted from the chamber and the exhaust air is cleaned using a HEPA filter.
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