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Unveiling excellence: Keating Dental Lab

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Keating Dental Lab

Keating Dental Lab

Sat. 25 May 2024


Nestled in the heart of Orange County lies a beacon of dental excellence, Keating Dental Lab. Founded by local visionary Shaun Keating in 2002, this California-based laboratory has not only cemented its place as an industry titan but has also become a crucial part of the community fabric. But what makes this lab different?

A journey of local inspiration

Shaun Keating's journey into the realm of dentistry traces back to his formative years in sunny Huntington Beach, Calif. It was here that Keating's fascination with dentistry took root. Influenced by his brother's endeavors in dental school, Keating found himself captivated by the intricacies of the dental field, particularly the artistry behind custom-made football mouthguards.

From his humble beginnings as a crown and bridge technician, Keating's unwavering dedication has propelled him to lead his own laboratory, embodying the quintessential California tale of passion, perseverance, and ingenuity.

The 'Keating Difference': where craftsmanship meets commitment

At the core of Keating Dental Lab lies a commitment to excellence that is unmatched. It's not just about crafting dental restorations; it's about cultivating great relationships, delivering impeccable service and upholding a relentless pursuit of perfection.

With a seven-step internal quality control process, a staggering 99.9 percent on-time delivery rate and more than 3 million dental restorations successfully delivered, the “Keating Difference” isn't just a slogan — it's a testament to a legacy built on trust, precision and innovation. “You can count on Keating”.

Why choose Keating Dental Lab?

As a full-service laboratory, Keating Dental Lab delivers tailored solutions crafted to meet the diverse needs of each practice it serves. Whether it's custom fittings, reliable delivery or expert advice, Keating Dental Lab delivers with unparalleled precision and care.

Situated in the heart of California, our state-of-the-art facility ensures that every restoration is meticulously crafted right here in the United States, setting a gold standard for quality and craftsmanship in the industry. Join the Keating family and experience the magic for yourself!

At Keating Dental Lab, we are not just a laboratory — we are your partner in excellence, dedicated to helping you achieve success in every aspect of your practice. Join us in shaping the future of dentistry, one smile at a time.

Embracing community: a commitment to giving back

Beyond its accolades in dentistry, Keating Dental Lab remains deeply ingrained in the Orange County community, embodying the spirit of philanthropy and compassion. Shaun Keating's philanthropic endeavors extend far beyond the laboratory walls, with a steadfast commitment to supporting local charities and dentists serving disadvantaged populations.

From sponsoring youth sports teams to providing restorative work for those in need, Keating Dental Lab isn't just about crafting smiles; it's about making a tangible, meaningful impact on the lives of others.

In conclusion, Keating Dental Lab isn't just a laboratory — it's a testament to the power of passion, innovation and community. From its humble origins in Orange County to its global acclaim, Keating Dental Lab continues to redefine excellence, one smile at a time.

Editorial note:

Visit to learn more about its services. Alternatively, you can reach out to the New Business Development Team at (800) 433-9833, available from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday to Friday.

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