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The robotic era in dentistry

The Yomi by Neocis. Photo: Provided by Neocis
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Fri. 23 September 2022


Robotic surgery has been a mainstay of the medical community for more than 20 years. Dentistry has been late to the party! With the introduction of the Yomi robot in 2016, dental professionals were able to join their medical counterparts and perform robot-assisted dental implant procedures with the accuracy and precision robotics are known for.

Since that time, Yomi by Neocis has added a full-arch indication and two additional robotic workflows to allow more clinicians a comfortable transition to robot-assisted surgery.

The original YomiPlan Complete workflow allows for comprehensive digital pre-planning and the merging of pre- and day-of CBCT scans, giving the clinician the confidence to then accurately execute that plan with haptic robotic guidance.

The addition of YomiPlan Dynamic in early 2022 has given clinicians the ability to use a day-of CBCT scan to dynamically plan using their drill tip intraorally. By eliminating many of the pre-planning steps, this new workflow allows surgeons to get to surgery faster while still being able to use imaging to verify their placement in real time.

The most recent YomiPlan Go workflow allows freehand clinicians to benefit from robotic precision while relying on their expertise to visually establish the angle and position of the osteotomy using the drill tip. The Yomi robot brings the surgeon back to the location and angle they’ve chosen to ensure precise placement throughout the drill sequence.

As more patients begin to understand the inherent benefits of robot-assisted surgery and the possibility of receiving a minimally invasive treatment, the need for dental professionals to adopt this advanced technology will continue to increase. The future of dental surgery is available today.

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