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Sirona launches InEos Blue desktop scanner

The new Sirona InEos Blue desktop scanner. (DTI/Photo Sirona Dental Systems)
Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

Wed. 6 January 2010


LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, USA: Today, Sirona Dental Systems announced the launch of the InEos Blue desktop scanner, an advanced 3D scanner that allows dental technicians to quickly, precisely and easily scan dental models. The InEos Blue is built on Sirona’s innovative Bluecam technology, which utilises short-wavelength visible blue light to facilitate flexible recording options, resulting in substantially faster scanning and precise 3D digital models.

InEos Blue gives more control to dental technicians to determine what they want to record, allowing them to process 3D digital models with precision and speed. During the scanning process, the technician utilises an automatic image capture function (auto capture) that allows free movement of the model in any direction, providing complete control of the angle of the scan. Thus, the user takes a digital impression only of the required treatment area, which leads to substantial time savings.

The InEos Blue scanner, along with a dedicated computer and inLab 3D software, will be available in February 2010. The scanner can be utilised as a standalone unit or in combination with the inLab milling unit for complete in-house production. In addition, InEos Blue can export scans in STL file format, giving labs the flexibility to work with the files in third party design software.

“Through our innovative Bluecam technology, we are now able to bring the best digital dental scanning capabilities to our lab customers,” Bart Doedens, Vice President of Dental CAD/CAM Systems, commented. “Our new scanner is unsurpassed in optical precision, reliability and speed, while providing the technician full control of the scanning process.”

More information available from Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

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