Neoss supercharges digital prosthetic workflow with brand-new NeoScan 1000 intraoral scanner

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Neoss supercharges digital prosthetic workflow with brand-new NeoScan 1000 intraoral scanner


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At Neoss Integrate 2022 in June in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dr. Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss Group, showcased the company’s new easy-to-use intraoral scanner, the NeoScan 1000. (Image: Neoss)

By Neoss

Fri. 16 September 2022


NEW ORLEANS, U.S.: Swedish implant manufacturer Neoss is presenting its simplified and patient-friendly prosthetic workflow at this year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) currently being held in New Orleans. Taking dental impressions with an intraoral scanner is more patient-friendly, offers a more accurate result and is less time-consuming. Adopting a digital prosthetic workflow can be a differentiating factor for modern dental practices.

Neoss’s mission has always been to create intelligent dental products that are intuitively simple to use. From the NeossONE concept—a single platform that allows the same prosthetic components to fit across 70 different implant systems—to the NeoScan 1000 user-friendly intraoral scanner, Neoss has developed a continuous plan of new market-leading product solutions. These will be presented over the next few years—all aimed toward advancing the science behind dental implant treatments.

The NeoScan 1000 is the latest product by Neoss Group. It is an easy-to-use, accurate, compact and lightweight intraoral scanner that enables a flexible workflow. It works seamlessly with the Neoss Esthetic Healing Abutments with a dedicated ScanPeg, avoiding the need for a separate scan body for intraoral scanning. This minimizes the exchange of components, streamlines the scanning process and reduces the number of treatment steps and the overall chair time.

“The positive feedback from our users has been exceptional. This intraoral scanner will make it possible for more dental professionals to afford to do digital impressions, saving many patients from the trauma of a traditional impression,” commented Dr. Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss Group.

The NeoScan 1000 has been designed with simplicity in mind. The USB cable connection gives dental professionals the option to share the scanner between dental chairs in their practice and does not need a separate power source. It supports a full touch screen, and there is no need for any powder or preheating. Best of all is that the NeoScan 1000 comes at an affordable price!

Since Sept. 1, NeoScan 1000 has been available for all dental professionals to purchase from the Neoss online store and from local sales professionals or customer service.

To experience the Neoss products and the latest intraoral scanner firsthand, visitors to the AAOMS annual meeting are invited to stop by the company’s booth (#555). More information on the scanner can also be found at


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