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Meeting review: AGD 2018 in New Orleans

Richard Knowlton, DMD, MAGD, of Elizabethtown, Pa., left, and Ryan Buehner, DMD, of Hummelstown, Pa., attend AGD2018 to partake in the many educational offerings. (Photo: Fred Michmershuizen/DTA)

NEW ORLEANS, La., USA: The Academy of General Dentistry is known for “education tailored to your needs,” which was good for those who gathered at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, site of AGD2018. Educational offerings at the meeting, which was held June 7 to 9, included a wide range of courses, learning labs, poster presentations, “The 360 Experience,” a “Wine” down with the experts, and much more.

Presenters included some of dentistry’s most notable speakers.

During his keynote address, Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS, presented “Where we were, where we are, where we are going … how exciting!” It was an inspiring talk that examined the trajectory of the dental profession over the years.

A bit later, Tarnow also presented “Interdisciplinary approach for treating the esthetically compromised patient.” After this session got out, Richard Knowlton, DMD, MAGD, of Elizabethtown, Pa., and Ryan Buehner, DMD, of Hummelstown, Pa., paused to say how much they enjoyed the presentation. They said they come to the AGD meeting each year because the smaller, less-hectic nature of the event is more conducive to learning.

In addition to learning, AGD also offered plenty of technology. In the exhibit hall, meeting attendees had the opportunity to view some of the industry’s newest and most innovative products and services.

At Planmeca, you could learn more about the Planmeca Emerald Next-Gen Intraoral Scanner, which is an ultra-lightweight, ergonomically designed digital scanner that quickly delivers images with superior accuracy and detail. According to Planmeca, a streamlined, compact design provides clinicians with a comfortable feel and superior control while capturing images. Deliberately designed for increased patient safety, autoclavable seamless scanner tips prevent cross-infection while encouraging continuous scanning, the company said.

Using a multi-color laser based system, Planmeca Emerald produces images with a vibrant color palette for realistic digital impressions that allow dentists to distinguish between hard and soft tissue, the company said.

New from Medidenta is the Foresight 45 self-generating LED surgical handpiece, for use in surgery, periodontal and endodontic procedures. According to the company, the Foresight 45 incorporates an air-driven generator to power a bright LED light directly into the surgical pocket, illuminating the operative field without the need for fiber optic systems from a delivery unit. The Foresight 45 eliminates the need for multiple components, providing a single-piece solution to your lighting needs with a standard four-hole backend handpiece, according to Medidenta.

In addition, the Foresight 45 does not allow any air to escape into the oral cavity. All of the excess air is funneled to the backend of the handpiece, eliminating all possibilities of an air embolism. This ensures an air-free oral cavity, allowing for multiple surgeries in succession while still maintaining patient safety, according to the company.

These are just some of the many offerings that were available at AGD2018.

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