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Inside the blueprints of a premier performing endodontic office

By Dental Tribune USA
April 13, 2021

CLOVIS, Calif., USA: To help perfect running the engine of an endo business and form the foundation for a successful practice — from patient experience to employee satisfaction to the bottom line — FlowPatterns has announced the launch of Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS).

Dr. Christopher Sabourin is founder and CEO of FlowPatterns/Endodontic SuperSystems. (Photo: FlowPatterns)

Endodontic SuperSystems is a digitally shared business playbook that incorporates plug-and-play training for each position, all-inclusive workflows and a modern platform, according to FlowPatterns. Designed for the endodontist who wants to focus on creating a unique culture, all while being supported by a team that enables a frictionless workflow, ESS delivers a digital playbook solution that will continuously advance over time, the company said.

Much like EdTech introduces IT tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experience, FlowPatterns’ ExecuTech platform, which is currently in use, empowers small- to medium-sized businesses to bring down costs and engage learners in new and innovative ways, the company said. By mapping, perfecting and standardizing processes from a premier performing blueprint endodontic office, ESS is making the lives of endodontists easier by reducing stress, saving time, maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity, and giving them a much-needed balance of work and life, the company said.

Christopher Sabourin, DDS, MS, MSD, founder and CEO of FlowPatterns/ESS, said, “Every day, endodontists balance the needs of running their office with efficiency, along with personal matters and everyday life. Often, their days are spent lost in lengthy and suboptimal workflows rather than using their time and abilities in the most effective way possible. The vision to create the freedom and structure they dreamt of while in dental school has become clouded with disarray and lack of communication between team members. So, we have created the calm to handle your chaos.”

“Endodontic SuperSystems gives endodontists confidence, knowing they’re using the same processes that power their most successful peers, so they can embrace the most exciting parts of their work, assured that everything else is running like clockwork,” Sabourin said.

The team behind FlowPatterns and ESS will introduce the service at AAE21, happening April 21-24. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit or call (559) 206-2600.

About FlowPatterns

FlowPatterns began the journey in 2018 to enable the average professional service business to transform itself into high performers. They do this by using ExecuTech to reduce friction in the business and increase clarity among team members. This sets team members free to put their talents to their highest-valued use, and dramatically increases revenue, profits and team member satisfaction with work. FlowPatterns are dedicated to creating a simplified workplace for everyone.

(Source: FlowPatterns)

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