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Improve patient acceptance and practice profitability with the EyeSpecial C-III

The EyeSpecial C-III offers clinicians and their team members a navigation through photography tasks without the need of photography knowledge or experience. (Photo: Shannon Brinker, CDA, CDD)

Sun. 6 May 2018


Clinicians who strive to increase the effectiveness of their practices seek products that can engage everyone in a practice, help streamline the clinical processes and improve the hands-on experience of patients. Clinical photography plays a pivotal role in creating a patient’s consult and documenting dental treatments. In hands of clinicians, dental hygienists and dental assistants, clinical images can ameliorate patient’s communication and education by providing evidence-based information about a treatment, its progress and challenges.

Dental photography can also enhance the experience and communication between clinicians and dental laboratory technicians by eliminating unclear or vague cues, leaving no room for the misrepresentation of a desired treatment direction or an outcome. Therefore, incorporating the right camera into a dental practice can help increase the practice’s productivity and profitability.

Simple and easy to use for the entire dental team, the EyeSpecial C-III camera captures exceptional images for case documentation, diagnosis and treatment planning, patient communication and education, insurance verification, legal documentation, and dental laboratory collaboration, according to Shofu Dental Corp., the company behind the product. Packed with dental-specific, pre-programmed shooting modes, the EyeSpecial C-III offers clinicians and their team members an effortless navigation through photography tasks without the need of photography knowledge or experience.

Furnished with a 12-mega-pixel sensor and a built-in system of ring and panel flashes, this smart camera demonstrates true-color reproduction with an exceptional depth-of-field range, according to the company. The EyeSpecial C-III also possesses anti-shake attributes and a large, panoramic LCD screen that can be operated with gloved hands. The screen employs gridlines that facilitate a proper image alignment and help reduce the risk of photographing objects at an incorrect angle.

Shofu asserts that for every step of a clinical photo series, the intuitive EyeSpecial C-III automatically sets the appropriate f-stop, aperture and focal length to deliver consistent and predictable photographs without requiring retrofitted add-ons such as external filters or flashes.

Exclusive to the EyeSpecial C-III is an isolate shade mode that grays out the gingival tissue to enhance visual acuity for optimal shade matching and improved dental laboratory collaboration. When combined with a draw/edit function, which allows for making notes directly on the screen, this feature can serve as an interactive adjunct to gain a patient’s acceptance for additional protocols, including a teeth whitening treatment or a clear aligner therapy.

Images captured with the EyeSpecial C-III can be uploaded to a HIPPA-compliant computer or a tablet using a Wi-Fi card, further turning a dental office into a patient-focused, interactive communication hub.

Engineered to deliver predictability and functionality, the ultralight (weighing ca. 1 lb) EyeSpecial C-III complies with infection control protocols. The camera’s body is water-, chemical- and scratch-resistant, and it can be swiftly disinfected with a sterilizing towel, virtually eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

The right dental camera is a versatile easily-operated instrument that can be used by the entire dental team to advance clinical accuracy, patients’ acceptance and a practice’s efficiency. Equipped with intuitive, cutting-edge functions tailored specifically for dentistry, the EyeSpecial C-III can help clinicians and their team members meet the varied needs of their patients while improving practice’s productivity and profitability, according to Shofu.

Here are some testimonials from dental professionals who have used the camera:

“I convinced our doctor to purchase the EyeSpecial camera for our dental practice. Within 30 days, the practice’s patient acceptance and productivity increased by 20 percent,” said Shannon Brinker, CDA, CDD.

“Most dental professionals do not realize how beneficial the EyeSpecial camera can be until they actually use it. When I am able to persuade colleagues to try this camera, they typically end up purchasing it and having success with it,” said Scott J. Chanin, DMD, FAGD.

“For direct communication with the lab, case documentation and educating the patient, I have the EyeSpecial camera. The fact that it is hygienic, lightweight and easy to use make this an excellent camera system,” said Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD

(Source: Shofu Dental Corp.)

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