Henry Schein Custom Branding helps practices put name and logo in hands of their patients

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Henry Schein Custom Branding helps practices put name and logo in hands of their patients

Henry Schein Custom Branding offers a portfolio of products and branding services to help dental practices deliver clear and consistent brand messages to patients. (Photo: Henry Schein Inc.)

Mon. 7 December 2020


MELVILLE, N.Y., USA: Henry Schein Inc. has launched Henry Schein Custom Branding (HSCB). The new business is powered by Wild Marketing Group (WMG), a promotional products and branding company with nearly 30 years of experience.

According to a press release, Henry Schein Custom Branding will combine the assets and expertise of two leading industry innovators to deliver customized merchandise for health care providers that features the practice name, logo or message. These products can then be used to maximize brand awareness, patient retention and new patient acquisition. HSCB will create an easy-to-use online platform, making it seamless to order custom branded merchandise and custom print solutions for health care providers that is unmatched in the industry, the company said.

“We are delighted to deliver new opportunities through HSCB for practitioners to more effectively and creatively engage with their patients,” said Mark Hillebrandt, chief marketing officer, Global Dental Group. “Through Henry Schein Custom Branding, we can help make it easy for practitioners to select and adopt a variety of branded promotional products and print communication solutions that can enhance their practices’ marketability.”

HSCB will offer a wide variety of products and services that will help dental practices engage their patients, enabling interactions with their brand in a variety of ways. Curated products will include uniforms and apparel, promotional products (drinkware, writing instruments, magnets, lip balm, hand sanitizer, reusable face coverings) and signage, appointment reminder cards and other printed items.

HSCB products are available online at Shop.HenryScheinCustomBranding.com. Through this platform, Henry Schein customers will be able to search for and customize promotional products for their individual practices, and have them shipped directly to their business.

WMG is owned by Tim Sullivan and Jim Budzinski, and it is based in Waukesha, Wis. The company has global sourcing capabilities, works directly with factories to develop custom items with offices in Shanghai and team members located throughout Asia, and has a customer service team that specializes in custom and personalized orders.

The platform is now live for Henry Schein customers in the U.S., and other regions will be added in 2021. For more information about HSCB’s capabilities and product offerings, visit www.henryscheincustombranding.com.

(Source: Henry Schein Inc.)

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