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Anutra takes to the air

On the set of TV show ‘Moving America Forward,’ hosted by William Shatner, featuring Anutra Medical’s product and Moving America Forward Award. From left: Doug Llewelyn, anchor; Dr. Daniel Davidian, founder of Anutra Medical; Cameron Perkins, CEO; and Ryan Vet, director of sales and marketing. (Photo: PRNewswire-iReach)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 10 April 2017


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., USA: In February, Dr. Daniel Davidian, Anutra Medical founder, Cameron Perkins, CEO, and Ryan Vet, director of sales and marketing, made an appearance on “Moving America Forward,” a television series that highlights the achievements, spirit and dedication of entrepreneurs and businesses across America. The trio were interviewed at the show’s news studio by host William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn.

On the program, they discussed in detail the products offered by the company: The Anutra dispenser, cassette and syringe, to name a few. Each product is designed to simplify the process of buffering (neutralizing) local anesthetic. Though local anesthetics are the safest drug in medicine for the management and prevention of pain, Anutra’s products ensure patient numbness more reliably and quickly, the trio explained, explaining that the use of Anutra products can add up to two hours of extra chair time productivity a day.

In addition, the Anutra representatives spoke about the company’s use of artificial intelligence and a learning algorithm for the company’s real-time data analytics Training System. The three men explained that although Anutra’s products are already fast, this system can quickly train customers and their teams to best utilize these processes.

During the interview, Davidian said, “Mr. Shatner, the first step in keeping America healthy is getting people to visit the doctor or dentist … one of the worst parts about visiting the doctor or dentist is the shot.”

Knowing the challenges plaguing healthcare providers when it comes to local anesthetic administration, Davidian developed the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System and founded Anutra Medical.

Perkins said, “By training I am an emergency medicine healthcare provider … I was trained to neutralize (buffer) anesthetic way back when, but over time, it became too complicated so I just stopped doing it. When I learned about (Davidian's) innovation, it was something I had to be a part of.”

Not only has Anutra blazed the trail in local anesthetic delivery, they have also developed a revolutionary training platform that leverages artificial intelligence, learning algorithms and real-time data analytics tracking.

When asked about the training platform, Vet said, “We wanted to increase the desired outcomes of each training session while reducing the cost of in-person training … in turn we developed a training platform that optimizes positive behavior change as well as creates efficiencies during training for the healthcare provider.”

The training platform has been well received by healthcare providers and has increased the overall success of Anutra’s training in the marketplace.

At the conclusion of the segment, Llewelyn presented Davidian with the Moving America Forward Award by saying, “It’s my honor to present this prestigious award … for the outstanding work (Davidian) has done with his firm to help move America forward.”

(Source: PRNewswire-iReach)

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