AI-powered remote monitoring can help clinicians take extra care of patients who need it the most

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AI-powered remote monitoring can help clinicians take extra care of patients who need it the most

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Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 19 July 2022


Orthodontists are becoming more comfortable with the idea that technology, specifically advances in AI and machine learning, are inextricable and beneficial aspects of modern life — our daily commutes are governed not by backroads and our memory of what is “usually” the fastest way; now we have machine learning-based algorithms show us in real-time where the traffic is building.

But in orthodontics, the axiom of “good enough” is stifling the possibilities of these same efficiencies in our industry. And the fact remains: “good enough” just won’t cut it anymore. Especially not when the solutions to increase provider capabilities, engage patients directly and apply the institutional knowledge trapped inside the physical walls of a practice exist today.

AI-powered remote monitoring serves as one of the most important breakthroughs in the way that dental professionals can provide care to their patients, expanding their clinical control during braces and aligners treatments further beyond what was capable a decade ago.

Even the most basic of remote monitoring systems can increase points of contact with a patient, ensuring that providers are up to date on orthodontic cases between in-office appointments. A simple messaging platform like that would be good — but still a half measure.

When backed by artificial intelligence, these remote monitoring platforms transform into powerhouses of capability by empowering providers with even greater insights, according to DentalMonitoring. The company’s AI-powered remote monitoring solution is capable of detecting and monitoring more than 130 oral observations, giving providers the full strength of remote monitoring’s capabilities in a provider- and patient-friendly interface: a smartphone app and a web-based platform.

While some practitioners hold onto the past, others have utilized DentalMonitoring to evolve their practices and businesses into modern care centers. Instead of wasting resources — time, staffing, clinical equipment — on the patients who may not need an adjustment, providers that use AI-powered remote monitoring can take extra care of the patients who need it the most and, just as importantly, allow the patients well on track to continue their treatment without making a costly trip to the practice.

Synchronizing the delivery of care with the need of care seemed like a fantasy when most practitioners got out of orthodontic school. But today, those capabilities are ready to become the reality of dental professionals willing to let go of the past and embrace today.

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