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Academy of Laser Dentistry partners with OralID to raise awareness of oral cancer

By Dental Tribune America
January 09, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas, USA: While many other cancers are declining, oral cancer continues to rise, affecting over 43,000 Americans in 2014 alone. This year, the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD), and OralID are partnering to raise awareness and increase Oral Cancer education. The partnership to raise awareness for oral cancer begins at the ALD annual meeting in Palm Springs, Calif., to be held Feb. 5-7.

At the meeting, ALD and OralID will offer free oral cancer screenings for the public.

“The ALD is eager to improve public awareness of the importance of early detection by offering free Oral Cancer Screenings during our meeting”, said Gail Siminovsky, executive director of the ALD. Dentists who are members of the ALD will utilize the latest OralID technology in early discovery efforts of a disfiguring disease.

Due to late stage discovery, oral cancer kills one American every hour. Advanced screening technologies like OralID enable early discovery of oral cancer, and other tissue abnormalities, thus increasing the survival rate of those diagnosed.

Manufactures of the award winning OralID device, Forward Science Technologies (FST), understand the importance of partnering with advanced groups like the ALD to increase awareness and education for oral cancer. Robert J. Whitman, CEO of FST, said, “We are excited to work with a great group of clinicians to stress the importance of oral cancer screening. With a simple, easy to use, and affordable device like OralID, there is no reason why every dental clinician should not have one to enhance their complete oral health assessments.”

In addition to free oral cancer screenings, the ALD will be focusing on oral cancer education during the annual meeting, and throughout the rest of the year. Three hours are reserved for oral cancer education, which includes a course from an oral cancer survivor, and a session educating members on the growing trends of HPV and Oral Cancer, titled “Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer.”

The ALD and OralID will continue their partnership to increase awareness and education for ALD members.

(Source: Forward Science Technologies)


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