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AAE leadership supports dental advocacy

American Association of Endodontists President Dr. William T. Johnson, left, stands with Dr. Dennis J. Zent, AAE member and co-chair of ADPAC. (DTI/Photo AAE)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 5 December 2011


CHICAGO, IL, USA: For the fourth year in a row, the American Association of Endodontists Board of Directors became Capital Club members of the American Dental Political Action Committee. All members of the board who attended the American Dental Association’s 2011 Annual Session in Las Vegas made personal donations of at least $200 to the cause.

The group of 21 endodontic leaders took a break from their interim meeting and visited the ADPAC booth in person to make the contributions.

ADPAC works to fund and elect congressional candidates who support dental health and understand the importance oral health contributes to overall wellness, regardless of party affiliation. The group also provides educational opportunities for dentists interested in running for public office. Individual dentists can make a positive impact on the political forces that affect the dental profession by contributing to ADPAC.

“The two most important things AAE members can do to support advocacy on behalf of the dental profession are supporting ADPAC and participating in the ADA’s Grassroots Action E-List, which notifies participants when they should contact their representatives in Washington about dental issues,” said Dr. Dennis J. Zent, AAE member and co-chair of ADPAC.

Individuals can join the Action E-List by visiting the ADA website. Once registered, participants will receive alerts requesting communication with members of Congress as dental and oral health issues arise.

The AAE stands shoulder to shoulder with the ADA in its many advocacy initiatives in Washington, such as urging the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to include oral health as a leading health indicator, and pushing for an end to an antitrust exemption currently enjoyed by health insurers that allows them to share fee information (dentists are not exempt).

“The AAE appreciates the opportunity to support ADPAC because it gives dentistry a voice in Washington and also helps create an environment where better and more accessible care is provided to patients,” said AAE President Dr. William Johnson.

The AAE urges its members to become involved in organized dentistry and advocacy initiatives through its Step Up! program, whose aim is to advance endodontics through leadership and community service.

(Source: AAE)


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