AAE cancels its annual meeting, scheduled for April 1-4 in Nashville

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AAE cancels its annual meeting, scheduled for April 1-4 in Nashville

For the health and safety of all meeting participants, the American Association of Endodontists has canceled AAE20. The annual meeting is a vital source of educational opportunities for the specialty. (Dental Tribune file photo: Fred Michmershuizen)

Thu. 12 March 2020


As concerns over the global coronavirus pandemic continue to mount, the American Association of Endodontists has canceled AAE20, its annual meeting, which was scheduled to take place April 1-4 in Nashville, Tenn. AAE made the announcement today (March 12) in a statement sent to its members and meeting guests.

“It is with great anguish that we must announce the cancellation of our annual meeting, AAE20. While we were very much looking forward to making everlasting endo memories in the vibrant city of Nashville, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 proved too extreme to take lightly. Ultimately, for the health and safety of all AAE20 participants, we know this is the right thing to do,” the AAE announced in its statement.

“With the cancellation of AAE20 also comes the cancellation of our annual Board meeting, which was set to take place the week of AAE20,” the statement continued.

“As news of the coronavirus developed over the past several weeks, with it came several hurdles that prevented many of you from being able to travel to Nashville. Travel bans in severely impacted countries — as well as a number of universities here in the U.S. — have blocked many speakers and residents, for example, from attending,” the AAE said. “A portion of our leadership, too, is affected by travel issues out of their control. And everyone faces the ever-present risk of additional travel restrictions in the coming weeks, as this story is ever-developing.”

“Right now you likely have questions, and we’re here to help,” the statement by AAE continued. “All registration fees will be fully refunded, even if you decided to cancel before this decision was made, and all hotel reservations booked within the AAE block will be cancelled without charge. At this time, there is no action required.”

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. In the coming days and weeks, we will consider possibilities for salvaging content from this meeting. For now, we leave you with the simple wish to stay well, and we look forward to seeing you again when the time is right,” the AAE said.

To help answer questions, the AAE has published a FAQs page on its website, available here.

(Source: American Association of Endodontists)

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