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Open your eyes to the benefits of CBCT

By Dr. Spencer Wirig, USA
January 14, 2014

The practice of dentistry requires us to have our eyes wide open to accurately assess vital structures and provide our patients with optimal outcomes. The days of relying on two-dimensional images, when everything in reality is three-dimensional, are over. Every day, my life is made easier with the information readily available from my PreXion CBCT.

Perio patients, who may have difficulty truly seeing the seriousness of their condition, readily pursue treatment after seeing the CBCT.

Using 3-D images for endodontics allows a huge improvement in diagnosis and treatment. I am no longer comfortable doing endo on multiple canal teeth without a 3-D image showing me all that I may have missed without this information.

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The PreXion software is much more intuitive and easy to use than any other software on the market today. Implants and treatment planning of complex cases become stress free and a joy when using the CBCT. My patients readily accept treatment, and relationships of trust are fostered when patients see the level of care that can be delivered using 3-D imaging.

In this case (Figs. 1-4), a young woman had become stagnant in her ortho treatment, as an impacted maxillary canine had prevented her from progressing. From a periapical or panograph view, very little detailed information was available to provide her with the optimal treatment of orthodontic exposure.

With the PreXion CBCT, formulating the appropriate plan to effectively assess and treat the patient was easy and more predictable. This procedure was completed much faster and comfortably as a direct result of having an accurate scan.

Using the PreXion CBCT will make all who use it better clinicians. I encounter situations daily where I say to myself, “How did I ever practice without this?”

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