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One Tennessee dentist generated an additional $137,844 in revenue in seven weeks with an all-new method that finds, qualifies and books new patients without additional doctor time or extra burden on your staff. (Graphic: Firegang Dental Marketing)

Firegang redefines implant marketing

February 18, 2021

Wish your marketing company delivered qualified implant patients instead of leads? For years, dentists have been marketing for dental implants in the exact same way: Advertising a special offer or a free consultation, sending patients to a website and hoping they contact you.

Typically you end up with a ton of leads, but almost all are unqualified, don’t have the budget, can’t get approved for financing or don’t show up to a consultation.

The problem, according to Firegang Dental Marketing, is most marketing companies only offer lead generation, so you find yourself and your staff stuck screening the leads, following up on dead ends and running free consultations with unqualified individuals. This wastes everyone’s time and wastes your money.

Firegang Dental Marketing recently launched an all-new implant marketing method it calls the Advanced Implant Funnel (visit to schedule a demo). This is a complete done-for-you marketing solution designed to find and pre-qualify leads, remove sticker shock and schedule the highest quality implant patients directly onto your calendar.

The Advanced Implant Funnel also includes Firegang’s Lead Management Program. This program, according to Firegang, employs a team of highly trained lead handlers who will prequalify, pre-educate and nurture relationships with dental implant leads for you. They will work directly with you to understand which patients would be a great fit for your practice and then screen for that ideal patient.

This means you and your team will no longer have to worry about screening leads, chasing people down or doing free consultations for unqualified patients. You will only be doing consultations and spending time with patients who would actually be a good fit for you and your practice.

Furthermore, the Advanced Implant Funnel is designed to educate patients up front, before they ever call your practice, on why you’re the best choice for them. This allows you to compete on differentiation rather than price, allowing you to charge what you're worth.

How well does it work?

One of Firegang’s clients, Dr. Roy T, had this to say about his Advanced Implant Funnel just a few months after launch: “We’ve had case acceptance totals of over $150k, and we’ve only scratched the surface of reaching out to all the requests.”

He continued, “The Firegang tracking platform is intuitive and precise, so you know the stage of every lead.”

To learn more

To learn how the Advanced Implant Funnel can work specifically for your practice, visit to schedule a call with the Firegang team.

(Source: Firegang Dental Marketing)

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