Ivoclar Academy to host virtual Press Technology Summit

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Ivoclar Academy to host virtual Press Technology Summit

Dental professionals are invited to attend Ivoclar’s virtual Press Technology Summit, taking place on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. (Image: Ivoclar)

Mon. 4 September 2023


NEW YORK, US: Ivoclar, a leading manufacturer of integrated dental solutions, is celebrating 30 years of success with press technology. To commemorate this milestone, the company is hosting the Press Technology Summit on Oct. 18, a virtual event where industry experts will gather to share their knowledge and experiences with the technology, and is inviting dental professionals to attend this meeting free of charge.

Beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern time, the event program will include a presentation on scientific research by Dr. Ken Malament, a globally prominent prosthodontist based in Boston, U.S. It will also feature a panel discussion involving several of the industry’s leading dental technicians, including Blake Barksdale of Barksdale Dental Lab, Jessica Love of Capture Dental Arts and Mike Bellerinio of Trinident Dental Lab. Jim Glidewell, certified dental technician and founder and president of Glidewell dental laboratory, will also join the event to share his perspective on press technology and future trends in the dental profession.

The virtual event will be moderated by Dr. George Tysowsky, global head of training and education at Ivoclar. Regarding the significance of the summit, he commented: “Press technology has had such a powerful impact on dentistry. Even in this new age of digital dentistry, press technology can be applied and plays a vital role in helping laboratories achieve success.”

Ivoclar initiated the press technology era in 1991 with the introduction of IPS Empress, and dental technicians soon began adopting the technology widely, launching an aesthetic revolution. In 2005, Ivoclar released the IPS e.max family of products, including IPS e.max Press.

IPS e.max Press has a proven clinical reliability of a 97.8% survival rate, as demonstrated in the Ivoclar 2021 test report, “Clinical efficacy of monolithic crowns made of IPS e.max Press on posterior teeth.” To date, more than 100 million e.max restorations have been placed in patients worldwide.

Visit the Press Technology Summit website for more information and to register.

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