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ZERAMEX XT: Root-shaped implant with internal connection

ZERAMEX XT is designed to offer great flexibility with its reversible threaded connection and ceramic abutments. The lean, uncomplicated portfolio offers many options to choose from.

  • Monolithic crowns and bridges made of various optimized plastics or zirconium dioxide.
  • All-ceramic crowns and bridges made of layering or pressed ceramic on a zirconium dioxide cap.

Different shoulder heights and angles make it possible to find the correct abutment in every case for an aesthetically demanding, 100 percent metal-free individual-tooth restoration.

Features include:

  • High primary stability: The thread design and cylindrical-conical implant shape achieve high primary stability. The reservoir for bone grafs at the tip of the implant simplifes implant insertion.
  • Internal connection: The special geometry with the four tips enables high precision and fast and easy insertion and alignment of the abutment. The slightly beveled contact surface of the implant platform is designed to facilitate centering of the prosthetic components.
  • Reduced diameter vicarbo screw: One screw for two diameters. The XT Vicarbo Screw head diameter is a reduced 2.8mm. Length is 7.4mm and Tightening torque of 25Ncm.

(Source: Emerginnova LLC / Zeramex USA)

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